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Laboratory Technician

Mar 10 2022

JOB TITLE: Laboratory Technician
REPORTING TO: Laboratory Manager
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Sample processing and laboratory preparation

The Laboratory Technician is responsible for technical and logistic aspects of sample processing and maintaining/manufacturing consumables, reagents, and media.

It is expected that the post holder will most influence the successful delivery of this result by:

  1. Effective processing of samples to meet Customer expectations
    1. Logistically manages time and equipment to provide results within key turn-around times
    2. Prepares all laboratory supplies including manufacture of reagents and media, cleaning of tools and equipment, stocking laboratory and warehouse with consumables; documents receipt of goods and notifies Laboratory Manager of supply needs and resource status
    3. Routine maintenance, cleaning, and recordkeeping of laboratory equipment and facility
    4. Performs standard microbiology procedures including handling, growth and purification of cultures
    5. Performs microbial identification procedures including receipt of samples, DNA extraction, PCR amplification, sequencing, performs required data entry, and runs associated equipment (e.g. sequencers, MALDI-TOF)
    6. Follows all safety requirements for laboratory operation and use and disposal of chemical and biohazardous waste
    7. Makes suggestions for process improvements
    8. Maintains open communication with Laboratory Manager

  2. Adherence to regulatory and accreditor requirements
    1. Follows all Quality System Procedures to process samples per Customer request
    2. Works with QA to assist in audits/assessments, laboratory investigations, and implement corrective and preventative actions
    3. Performs test cases as part of validation processes
    4. Compliance to cGMP and ISO17025 requirements

  3. Providing Customer support and improving Customer satisfaction
    1. Communicates with Customers expediently regarding any issues relating to SOP 20 - Customer Sample Handling
    2. Act as a Customer liaison for the company at Customer-facing events
    3. Assist in promotion of the company
    4. Represents policies and ethics of the company as outlined in the company handbook to Customers in a professional manner

  4. Business operation support
    1. Prepares Customer sample processing batches for invoicing
    2. Other duties as assigned to meet business needs


    This role will impact Customer satisfaction and the success of the company through effective handling and processing of Customer samples, and preparation of the laboratory to ensure smooth operation.

    Personal Skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Able to follow instructions
    • Clear handwriting, documentation skills
    • Excellent problem solving skills
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize workload
    • Self-starter with excellent time management skills, capable of working well within a team
    • Generates creative solutions, thinking outside the box
    • Able to communicate effectively to technical and non-technical audiences
    • Excellent Customer relationship and people skills; Customer focused
    Education & Knowledge
    • Bachelor’s degree in life science
    • Comprehension of DNA sequencing, MALDI-TOF, and FAME processes
    • Computer skills – all Office software
    • Following SOPs or other protocols precisely
    • Microbiology coursework or knowledge
    • Experience with DNA sequencing, MALDI-TOF, and FAME or chromatography
    • Familiarity with ISO 17025, cGMP/GLP, 21 CFR part 211, and/or other regulatory lab practices
    • 12+ credit hours of laboratory experience in a college setting or 1 year professional experience in a laboratory setting
    • Reagent, media, and/or other laboratory preparation experience
    • Basic laboratory skills including sterile technique
    • Microbiology assays
    • Experience working with scientific equipment
    • Data entry
    • Ability to multitask with frequent interruptions is essential
    • Schedule flexibility
    • Ability to travel to Customer-facing events

    Generally the work environment consists of ambient room temperatures, lighting and traditional office equipment as found in a typical office/lab setting. Safety glasses and gloves are available and may be required for some laboratory procedures. Some aspects of the position require fine vision skills. For the most part no heavy lifting is required to perform the job responsibilities, on an average lifting 20lbs or less due to shipments received. Individuals may be required to occasionally travel, for example industry tradeshows or on-site client meetings. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individual with disabilities to perform the essential job functions.


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