Fungal DNA Sequencing

D2 Gene 300 Base Pair

D2 Gene 300 Base Pair Fungal DNA Sequencing:

Quick and convenient amplification and sequencing of 300 base pairs of the D2 rRNA gene. Sequences are aligned to Midi Labs Custom D2 Library to generate an identity match.

  • • Sequence-based measurement ensures we get reproducible results with your chosen turnaround time (same day, next day or our standard 3 day)
  • • Growth requirement-independent measurement enables us to identify bacteria using objective criteria
  • • Universal domain-level primers eliminate up-front optimization.
  • • MIDI Labs extensive Analysis Software ensures accurate species identification.


The MIDI Labs Difference includes:

A curated library

MIDI Labs uses Sherlock™ DNA Software for Sequencing Data Analysis, which offers updated taxonomy and an expanded library. Curated entries mean more meaningful reports, and our experience is the edge you need in resolving issues and report interpretation.

Download a sample report to see for yourself. Download a sample DNA Sequencing report

Same Day

With 8 am EST receipt, sample reports delivered by end of day.

Next Day

Sample reports delivered on the next business day after receipt.

Two Days

Sample reports delivered within two business days of receipt.


Sample reports delivered within 3 business days of receipt.