The MIDI Labs Difference: Our Expertise

As the experts who created many of the tests that are now industry standards, MIDI Labs has a complete understanding of the science.

Our Expertise Comes From Being Leaders in the Field for More Than 30 Years

  • Developed the Sherlock® Microbial Identification System
  • Co-developed MicroSEQ® microbial libraries
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  • Our work is presented at industry events around the world
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  • Our libraries are extensive and carefully validated
  • We use current taxonomy and our process is updated continuously
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  • ISO accreditation for MALDI-TOF and DNA Sequencing
  • The accreditation process gives the assurance to trust our results

    Accurate identification protects your brand. MIDI Labs provides results you can trust. Reach out to us to find out how we can make a difference in your workflow with our innovation and speed. MIDI Labs – it’s in our DNA.

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