Enumeration: Total Plate Count

When it comes to probiotics, enumeration is an essential tool for product quality.

In a rapidly growing global probiotic market, ensuring potency can give you an edge over the competition. By offering enumeration testing or total plate count services (TPC), we ensure the bases are covered to determine viability and identity.

Total Plate Count (TPC) Services

  • Total aerobic or anaerobic count
  • Total count of spore-forming bacteria
  • Total yeast count
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  • Custom enumeration (Contact Us)
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  • Species Confirmation - Identification of unique colony morphologies.
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    MIDI Labs uses serial dilutions and a combination of selective media and growth conditions customized to your product requirements

    Turnaround Time: Enumeration has a 10 day turnaround time.
    Turnaround times are longer with combined identification services.

    Download a sample report to see for yourself. Download a sample Enumeration report