The MIDI Labs Difference: Our Expertise

As the experts who created many of the tests that are now industry standards, MIDI Labs has a complete understanding of the science.

Our Expertise Comes From Being Leaders in the Field for More Than 30 Years

  • Developed the Sherlock® Microbial Identification System
  • Co-developed MicroSEQ® microbial libraries
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  • Our work is presented at industry events around the world
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  • Our libraries are extensive and carefully validated
  • We use current taxonomy and our process is updated continuously
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  • ISO accreditation for MALDI-TOF and DNA Sequencing
  • The accreditation process gives the assurance to trust our results
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      Our Innovation

      We continue to innovate, adding essential new services, like enumeration and water sample testing.

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      Our Reputation

      MIDI Labs strives to maintain our scientific and service-oriented reputation through rigorous procedures, continuous improvement, and stringent reporting criteria.

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      Our Focus

      Our focus is to exceed your expectations while offering you trusted services and direct access to the experts at competitive pricing.

    Fast forward to today, we have turned our experience into a network of unparalleled and complementary identification tools. DNA Sequencing and MALDI-TOF provide a broad portfolio of libraries that deliver accurate, relevant, and reliable results to make confident decisions about product quality and contamination control.

    The Experts in Microbial Identification and More

    As a Veteran-Owned small business,we are proud of our history of developing and using innovative biotechnology for microbial analysis. The MIDI Group began with the development of the Sherlock Microbial Identification System in 1985, a cutting-edge automated technique. Even then, we provided quick and reliable microbial identification, a significant advantage over subjective assays typically used in microbiology labs at the time.

    In 1995, MIDI Labs was formed as a sister company to MIDI Inc. and Microbial ID. Through the partnership with PE Applied Biosystems™, we were instrumental in the development of DNA Sequencing, a new identification method. MIDI Labs was responsible for much of the database building and beta testing due to our extensive knowledge in taxonomy, identification techniques, and large culture collection.

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    ISO 17025: 2017 Accreditation
    MIDI Labs has been accredited by the internationally recognized ANSI National Accreditation Board.