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About Sandy Almassou:

Sandy Almassou
Sr. VP of Laboratory Service
Sandy Almassou is the Senior Vice President of Laboratory Services at BIOLOG, Inc. Sandy is responsible for providing strategic direction, business development initiatives, and the day-to-day management and successful operation of the company’s laboratory services.

Sandy is an experienced senior manager and team leader with extensive experience and expertise in microbiology, quality assurance, and formulation in the life sciences industry. Sandy is recognized for her ability to build effective teams, drive business growth through client-focused practices, maximize operations and organizational performance, and deliver financial results.

Her background and experience include working on laboratory start-ups and expansions, services development, and operations. Sandy is a skilled professional who demonstrates savvy business acumen to develop and execute strategies to save money, increase profits, and minimize potential stakeholders' risk.

Sandy was formerly the Vice President at MIDI Labs, Inc., where she led lab services, sales, marketing, and operations and managed the company’s growth and development pipeline. In January 2023, MIDI Labs, Inc. was acquired by BIOLOG, Inc. Earlier in her life sciences career, Sandy held leadership roles at Schulke inc., DDL inc., West Pharmaceutical Services, and SL Pharma Labs.

Sandy holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Chemistry from the University of Delaware. When she’s not working hard at BIOLOG, Inc., Sandy is an avid fashion designer, poet, and nature lover. She also enjoys mentoring and coaching individuals starting their careers in life sciences.

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