MALDI-TOF: Gives you reliable answers

Comparable to DNA Sequencing, MALDI-TOF is a powerful, cost-effective identification tool.

MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time of Flight) An excellent tool for the identification of probiotics and environmental bacterial isolates.

The Identification Process

MALDI-TOF starts with a 24hr subculture of a pure bacterial sample.

Cellular proteins are then suspended in a matrix solution and aliquoted onto a MALDI target. The sample is then desorbed and ionized, and the resulting analytes are accelerated into the Time of Flight chamber where they get analyzed via mass spectrometry. The resulting data is processed using The Bruker Daltonics MALDI Biotyper® and our MIDI custom software. The mass spectra are generated, and compared to proprietary, validated libraries, and with our custom developed report interpretation algorithm we can generate a sample report.


Dual ID

By offering multiple services, we have the ability to provide a comprehensive approach to ID. The combination of MALDI-TOF ID with DNA Sequencing can increase confidence and disambiguate your result.

Download a sample report to see for yourself. Download a sample MALDI-TOF report

More Accurate Microbial Identification

Updated MALDI-TOF Library Gives You Even More Confidence in Your Answers

To continuously improve our services to you, MIDI Labs regularly updates our MALDI-TOF library.

  • New species, and genera
  • Strengthened entries and increased library diversity
  • Updated taxonomy
  • More than 1000 new library entries

  • Please contact Quality Assurance at for more information or with any questions.


    Next Day

    Sample reports delivered on the next business day after receipt.

    Two Days

    Sample reports delivered within two business days of receipt.


    Sample reports delivered within 3 business days of receipt.


    Our Algorithm

    Our algorithm is based on more than 30 years of experience in microbial identification, giving you confidence in the accuracy of our results.

    Our Guarantee

    Any sample with a "No Match" result from our MALDI-TOF analysis, will receive a DNA sequencing and the sequencing identification report at no additional cost.