DNA Sequencing: The gold standard in microbial identification

Our trusted ID results increase confidence in your testing.

The MIDI Labs Difference in DNA Sequencing

The most accurate methods from the innovators of the technology

MIDI Labs helped develop the practice of microbial identification based on gene sequencing which has become the quintessential tool for microbiologists.

Fast turnaround times and outstanding customer service

MIDI Labs standard turnaround time provides you with thorough and comprehensive results ahead of the game with support by the experts.


The MIDI Labs Difference includes:

A curated library

MIDI Labs uses Sherlock™ DNA Software for Sequencing Data Analysis, which offers updated taxonomy and an expanded library. Curated entries mean more meaningful reports, and our experience is the edge you need in resolving issues and report interpretation.

Download a sample report to see for yourself. Download a sample DNA Sequencing report

Molecular Analysis of Bacteria, Yeast, and Molds

MIDI Labs offers 16S and 28S gene sequencing for identification. As co-developer of MicroSEQ® microbial libraries, we have the most experience with this system. After receiving customer samples, MIDI Labs technicians extract genomic DNA from the organisms. Amplified products are sequenced in a double-stranded manner using the latest fluorescent sequencing chemistries. The raw sequencing data files are compiled into consensus sequences and are analyzed using Sherlock™ DNA software. Identification reports are generated based on the consensus sequence analysis.


Same Day

With 8 am EST receipt, sample reports delivered by end of day.

Next Day

Sample reports delivered on the next business day after receipt.

Two Days

Sample reports delivered within two business days of receipt.


Sample reports delivered within 3 business days of receipt.